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life science chapter 8

Objective: The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission contracted with Georgia Tech to develop two online science courses to help non-science teachers learn enough science to become certified to teach middle grades in science. This was due to a great shortage of teachers in the sciences. We were to develop the courses within the WebCT course management system, which the state university system was already hosting on their servers.

Process: WebCT was designed to allow non-technical instructors to put course materials online without too much training. The navigation was somewhat limited, offering a series of screens with the ability to add icons. We developed a set of icons specific to our needs.

icon  icon  icon

icon  icon  icon

In order to navigate within content pages, we developed a simple bar for the top (and sometimes bottom) of each page. The syllabi were broken into sections.


Unit content was also chunked and offered within a simple navigational structure.

unit navigation
unit navigation

Final Design: The science courses used bold icons for navigation by potentially non-technical middle grades teachers. The content was easily navigable and we achieved great results with the courses that ran. We offered a help area with screen shots to familiarize new users of WebCT with our content.

course components
course components

The final design was simple and visually appealing.

science in WebCT
science in WebCT

Launched fall 2001. Courses designed using Dreamweaver, Homesite, Photoshop, Illustrator and TopStyle. I was the production manager on these courses, performing information architecture, usability testing, HTML coding, CSS, WebCT interface development, site documentation, and supervision of the design team.

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