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nursing course in WebEx

Objective: Develop a series of courses to be hosted in the WebEx Presentation Studio online course management system for the non-profit organization Nurse-Family Partnership's expanding professional development efforts. The courses would follow a common template for consistency. Content was provided by nurse educator subject matter experts.

Process: Our instructional design team developed course templates to coordinate with the WebEx layout. Presentation Studio allowed uploads of PowerPoint files and created slideshows from the slides. It then allowed audio narration to be uploaded to accompany the visuals. Certain basic components were required in each course, including a syllabus, printable narrative notes, and links to online discussion forums and assignment handouts, which were hosted on our company intranet.

intranet accompaniment page
intranet accompaniment page

intranet discussion forums
intranet discussion forums

Each course had its own customized styling based on the common template.

alternate course styling
alternate course styling

alternate course styling
alternate course styling

WebEx Presentation Studio courses were launched between August 2005 and June 2006. Courses were designed using PowerPoint, Dreamweaver and Photoshop, and adapted to function in WebEx Presentation Studio. I was the production manager, and also responsible for coordinating the instructional design, WebEx interface development, intranet accompaniment designs, and graphics development.

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