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Georgia Tech Research Laboratory Intranet

lab intranet site

Objective: Redesign the laboratory's intranet in conjunction with my division's intranet redesign to provide a cohesive group of sites for better employee navigation and content growth management. Also, it was definitely time for a redesign, as the current site had outgrown its potential for expansion. The issue of dynamic growth had to be considered.

Process: It was determined that various intranets contained duplicate information, each of which was being updated independently. It was decided that the laboratory would benefit from a cooperative redesign effort to provide the most and latest information to the most employees. Existing site information was analyzed along with proposed additions.

original homepage layout
original homepage layout

Information Architecture: New additions were mapped out and incorporated with the existing content.

proposed new site structure
proposed new site structure

Each group wanted to have its own identity, with all groups using the same new design. Slight differentiations were made with colors, topic areas, and graphical elements.

top navigation concept
top navigation concept

Final Design: The final design was launched in conjunction with the new division site redesigns, so employees had a much more coherent set of sites to navigate at once. The site was coded in ASP and incorporated include files and stylesheets, which would allow for future site changes with minimal back-end work. Management was pleased with the planning and the visual design!

final design

Additional views...

final design

final sitemap design

Launched fall 2001. Site designed using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and UltraEdit (CSS). My duties included project management, information architecture, interface and visual design, HTML coding, CSS, JavaScript, and usability testing.

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