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Residential Design - Townhouse

kitchen rendering

Concept Statement: Design an open, casual, contemporary home using clean lines, natural colors, and durable materials for a young, family-oriented, professional couple and their dogs.

Programming: The clients were interviewed in order to develop a profile, a list of requirements, a criteria matrix, and other informative documentation. The complete residential program (.pdf) (large file - 24Mb) is available for review.

Adjacency Studies: Roughly scaled diagrams of the functional spaces were sketched using circles. Functional relationships between areas were considered according to information uncovered in the criteria matrix.

adjacency studies

Bubble Diagrams: Different building shapes were considered for use. Bubble diagrams of functional areas were completed to explore different design considerations.

bubble diagram bubble diagram

Block Diagrams: Different shapes were further explored with scaled block diagrams to determine the most appropriate layout to meet the clients' requirements.

block diagram  block diagram

Rough Plans: The rectangular shape was chosen as the best fit for the functional requirements and rough plans were developed from the block diagrams.

rough plan

rough plan

Final Design: After many small modifications, the space plan evolved from the rough plans to a final design. Special consideration of traffic flow and vantage points helped the plan improve to best meet the needs of the clients.

first floor plan
first floor plan

second floor plan
second floor plan

Elevation: An elevation for the kitchen was completed to show the integration of the windows with the cabinets in the layout.

kitchen elevation
kitchen elevation

Perspectives: Hand renderings were completed to show the furniture, fixtures and equipment in detail in key areas.

living room master bath

Axonometric: An axonometric drawing was completed to show the spatial relationship between the two floors, and to further explore the furniture, fixtures and equipment.


Final Boards: The final presentation included all aspects of the design process, from the initial concept development through the various diagram studies and on to the final floor plan and perspective renderings with material specifications.

concept and adjacencies  bubble and block diagrams

first floor plan and materials  second floor plan and materials

living room perspective  bath perspective and kitchen elevation

Project completed for space planning course in 2007.

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