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Commercial Design - Retail

2600 sf - New Orleans, LA

See the brochure for this project.

retail space rendering in SketchUp

Project: Design a retail space with employee areas on the entire ground floor of a masonry highrise in New Orleans. The store, Design Reclaimed, features products made from repurposed goods. One of the goals is to construct the product displays from repurposed materials to align with the merchandise theme.

Programming: The clients were interviewed in order to develop a profile, a list of requirements, goals and objectives, and other critical documentation. The complete retail program (.pdf) (large file - 48Mb) is available for review.

Adjacency Studies: Adjacencies were explored to determine the best arrangement for the retail space and employee areas with respect to traffic flow and merchandise handling.

adjacency studies adjacency studies

Concept Sketches: Ideas were sketched for merchandise display concepts, particularly those that utilized repurposed materials.

concept sketch  concept sketch

concept sketch

Block Diagrams: Scaled block diagrams explored area placements within the building envelope.

block diagram  block diagram

Rough Plans: Rough plans provided better ideas for how best to organize the functional areas and the human and merchandise flows.

rough plan

rough plan

Final Design: The final space plan evolved from the rough plans to a design that allowed for good operations in employee areas and appealing placement of merchandise for customers.

floor plan
floor plan

reflected ceiling plan
reflected ceiling plan

Elevations: Elevations of the north and west walls were completed for the retail space to feature the product collections together and show some of the ceiling details.

west elevation
west elevation

north elevation
north elevation

Perspective: A perspective rendering of the high design retail area was completed to highlight one of the features of the store.

retail space rendering

Detail Drawings: Detail drawings for two of the displays demonstrate how vintage materials can be repurposed for new use.

display detail
display detail

counter detail
counter detail

Furniture, Fixtures and Finishes: The furniture used within the retail space follows the reclaimed theme and features products that utilize repurposed and/or organic materials, all of which is for sale. Some of the fixtures utilize repurposed materials and are available for purchase. The finishes have minimal impact on the environment, including featuring the original brick walls and concrete floors in many areas. The budget and specifications (.pdf) document for the retail area is available for review.

furniture and finishes

furniture and finishes

fixtures and finishes

Final Boards: The final presentation incorporated the finished drawings and representations of all aspects of the design.

floor plan and materials board  reflected ceiling plan and materials board

perspective and materials board

display detail and north elevation board  counter detail and west elevation board

Project completed for design development course in 2008.

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