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Residential Design - Small Condominium

bedroom rendering

Concept Statement: Create a space that will "grow" through the exploration of natural materials and subsequent tactile experiences. Maximize natural light to enhance visual quality. The project will grow as a part of the community and support sustainable design by utilizing local and environmentally-friendly products and materials.

concept board

Adjacency Studies: Roughly scaled diagrams of the functional spaces were sketched using circles. Functional relationships between areas were considered according to information uncovered in the criteria matrix.

adjacency studies adjacency studies

Space Planning: Different layouts were explored with scaled plans to determine the most appropriate layout to meet the clients' requirements.

plan layout

plan layout

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: The furniture, fixtures and equipment were selected and some are represented on the following sample board.

FF&E sample board

Final Design: The floor plan and reflected ceiling plan were finalized according to the clients' requirements.

floor plan
final floor plan

reflected ceiling plan
reflected ceiling plan

Final Presentation: The final presentation was given in a digital projection format. Below are the final drawings and FF&E, organized by room.

master bedroom floor plan

master bedroom elevations

master bedroom perspective

master bathroom floor plan

master bathroom elevations

master bathroom perspective

kitchen floor plan

kitchen elevations

kitchen perspective

living room floor plan

living room elevations

living room perspective

Section Elevations: Section elevations were completed to show the relationship between the two floors and their respective spaces.

section elevations

Project completed for residential design course in 2009.

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