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Engineering Prototype Station

engineering prototype station

Objective: Design an electronic workstation to meet the needs of the various users of a station, specifically engineers and technicians.

Research: The first step was to conduct an analysis of the existing workstations on the market. Another critical element was to collect actual user data, both from surveys and use analysis. It was also necessary to research pertinent anthropometric data.

anthropometric data
anthropometric data

Process: Design criteria were developed from information obtained during the research phase.

Performance Requirements:

  • generous workspace and ample storage
  • promote safety and efficiency
  • easy activity conversion
  • durable
  • ergonomic with adjustable heights

Product Characteristics:

  • aesthetic form and color scheme
  • electrostatic sensitivity
  • comfortable
  • organization of electrical components
  • ready-to-assemble

Once the research and methodology were complete, I started sketching concept ideas.

bench sketch  bench sketch
concept sketches

Scaled paperboard concept study models further explored workspace ideas.

bench concept  bench concept

bench concept
concept models

Concepts evolved after exploring component details.

concept development
concept development

Final design sketches...

final concept development  final concept development

final concept development

Final Design: All design criteria were realized and the original objective was fulfilled. Users will be happy with the upgrade!

final workstation rendering
final design rendering

final model
final design 1/4 scale model

Project completed for senior thesis spring 1995. The final model was built using foam core.

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