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Modular Play System

play system model

Objective: This was a group project where we were to research and design a product system. Our group of three elected to create a thematic modular playground system.

Process: Our group first researched the commonly available playground systems on the market. Then we went to our drawing boards and came up with some thematic ideas for our system.

playground concept sketch  playground concept sketch

playground study model working drawing
concept sketches

System requirements included a sliding board, a climbing wall or ladder, a covered or enclosed area, and some moveable activity parts, as well as all necessary safety components.

playground submarine theme  playground firetruck theme

playground spacestation theme
concept renderings

We created concept models in pieces out of foam core to allow us to easily move and change components around and explore alternative layouts.

concept model
concept model

The team further refined the design according to thematic details and manufacturing requirements.

playground spacestation sketch
final concept sketch

Working drawings provided details on measurements and placement.

working drawing  working drawing

Final Design: The final design provided for alternative thematic manufacturing options. The primary theme was a space station, while the same system could easily be produced as a firestation with the exchange of some small components.

final playground design rendering

final playground alternative theme

An exploded view of the primary theme was required.

final playground exploded view

Group project completed senior year winter 1995.

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