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telephone on table

Objective: Design a telephone to fit the niche market of a household design accessory. The handset should be a product of ergonomic study, and the telephone base form should be consistent with the overall design.

Process: The first concepts were conceived by doing some sketches, but the process quickly moved to the modeling phase.

concept sketches
concept sketches

Some concept ideas...

phone concept  phone concept

phone concept  phone concept

We were required to demonstrate an understanding of the interior components of a telephone, and show their potential layout within a concept idea.

concept component layout
concept component layout

The next step was to create foam models of some of the concepts and do ergonomic studies for the handset design.

phone concept model  phone concept model

phone concept model  phone concept model

phone concept model  phone concept model

Final Design: Final design decisions were based upon conclusions drawn from ergonomic handset studies. All requirements were met and the original objective was fulfilled. The final model was created out of foam.

final phone design

The required component layout was documented.

final design component layout

An additional view...


Incidentally, a phone similar to my design was introduced on the market less than a year after I completed my design.

phone in production

Project completed junior year fall 1993.

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