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Portable Art Kit

child using art kit

Objective: Design a disposable case that can be efficiently stamped in multiples from a 4' x 8' sheet of cardboard.

Process: I selected a child's art supply kit for the contents of my case. Requirements included storing the art supplies in an organized manner, providing a flat surface to draw upon, offering an easy method for opening and closing, and incorporating a handle for carrying.

concept sketches
concept sketches

As I began to create concept models, additional ideas took shape.

concept models
concept models

The final concept evolved after working with more cardboard.

final concept model
final concept model

Final Design: All requirements were met and the original objective was fulfilled.

final art kit design

Additional views...

art kit top view  handle detail

drawing surface  carrying case

The design produces six iterations from a 4' x 8' sheet of cardboard.

cardboard sheet layout
cardboard sheet layout

Project completed junior year 1994.

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